19/04/2017 - 15:00 pm

Tyre grippers from Just Easy Tools

Easy Gripper 2400 T2 is the newest addition to Danish company, Just Easy Tools’ product range. It is a 2t version based on same design as the company’s 1t Gripper, which is used for moving tyres in production lines, distribution and service companies around the world. The 2t Easy Gripper is designed for use with forklifts, front loaders and even truck cranes.

The core of the Easy Grippers is the 3-point grip. Lars Jørgensen, the CEO of Just Easy Tools, says, “When squeezing a tyre from 2 sides, all the existing solutions tend to deform the tyres making it harder, and thus also both more time consuming and dangerous, to push and pull them off the rim.  With the 3-point grip we keep the round shape.”

Another issue for many organisations is safety when moving and handling heavy tyres. The three contact points, and the special coating on the three arms, allows much better control of the tyres when moving, handling or transporting the tyre in a facility.

The Easy Grippers also address the issues associated with narrow fenders. With a slim top-arm, the Easy Grippers can get under the fender, and handle the tyres with full control.

This is also a top priority for one of Just Easy Tools’ users, SuperDæk and they are excited about the recent development in the new tyre handling tool; “It used to be all manual handling, and many people were worn down working with the heavy tyres and wheels. Today more and more advanced tools are entering the industry, which is a great advantage” Karsten Thorø Lynggård, from Superdæk says.

Superdæk has been the first user to test and use the new Easy Gripper 2400 T2.

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