14/10/2013 - 13:56 pm

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Products Get a Phillippines Distributor | Industry News

Genikos Technologies Inc. (GTI), headquartered in Manila, is now a distributor for U.S. Battery Manufacturing products in the Philippines. GTI general manager, Ervin Fernandez says there is growing demand in the market for higher quality, U.S. manufactured batteries, especially for power generation and distribution.

“Fernandez has been in the battery business for 20 years and chose to work with U.S. Battery due to the brand’s exceptional reputation in the local market,” says Bradford Dwan, U.S. Battery director of sales Asia/Pacific. “Fernandez says he plans to promote U.S.  Battery products to GTI’s existing clients, as well as search for new business in other industries such as golf courses and industrial equipment rental yards.”  

“We’re very pleased and excited to work with GTI and help the company extend its reach in the Asia/Pacific market,” says Dwan. “We’ve been in this market for quite some time. The rapid expansion for U.S. Battery products comes from the many distributors and companies realizing that a higher-quality battery translates to lower operating costs, making our products a more efficient energy solution.”


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