18/03/2016 - 09:29 am

UniCarriers Americas Platinum II Lift Trucks are Optimised for Operational Efficiency – Product News

UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) has launched the Platinum II PF50DF and PF60DF Dual Fuel lift trucks with features, which have been optimised for greater operational efficiency, damage prevention and uptime.

The forklift offers fuel efficiency and long-term value and high levels of productivity. The premium rental package includes lights and mirrors set inside the heavy, five-piece overhead guard, while steel rub rails protect the sides. The extended canopy provides additional operator protection and a surface for mounting a centre mirror and electronic accessories. The package also includes a hang-on side shifter, LED headlights and rear combination lights.

The Platinum II Series is powered by the company’s K21, 2.1litre, electronic fuel-injected industrial engine that provides excellent fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. Notable features on Platinum II models that make operations – especially those with high cycles – more efficient and deliver lower operating costs over the life of the vehicle include:

• Standard Powertrain Protection System which reduces the truck’s speed when excessive heat or oil pressure loss is detected, lengthening drivetrain life.

• Standard Programmable Speed Control which allows a technician to set maximum travel speeds based on skill level or corporate safety policy.

• Standard Operator Presence System which features a seat-actuated power interrupt system to lock travel and hydraulic functions if the operator is not seated; the system also includes a seatbelt warning system and parking brake alarm.

• Standard Parking Brake Transmission Interlock which prevents the lift truck from switching into forward or reverse if the parking brake is engaged, avoiding brake damage.

Mark Porwit director of marketing and product management for UniCarriers Americas says, “The Platinum II lift trucks offer many standard features that others usually only offer as costly add-ons. When it comes to keeping a fleet rental ready, the Platinum II offers significant advantages with reliable design, innovation and proven technologies that maximise uptime and minimise costs.””

All Platinum II lift trucks carry UniCarriers two-year/unlimited hours limited warranty.

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