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Unicarriers Hosts Supplier Conference | Industry News

UniCarriers Americas held its second annual supplier conference. It was attended by more than 75 suppliers and highlighted the last fiscal year and potential growth opportunities for the future. The conference also served as a networking opportunity for suppliers and UniCarriers Americas employees. The conference focused on continuing to develop a solid relationship with suppliers and allowed UniCarriers Americas to set expectations for the future, with a goal to strengthen the supply chain.

“For our strategic partners, UCA’s Supplier Conference gives them the opportunity to meet with the UCA executive leadership team. For our executive leadership team, the UCA Supplier Conference provides the opportunity to share our corporate vision as well as short-term targets and expectations,” said John Arnold, director, supplier management for UniCarriers Americas. “The Supplier Conference is an excellent venue to recognize those strategic partners who through their high level of performance have demonstrated their commitment to our mutual success. Through our presentations and presence, our executive leadership team delivered a positive message to our strategic partners.”

Supplier Excellence Awards were presented to the suppliers who made a conscious choice to be the best and disciplined themselves to consistently meet UCA’s requirements. These suppliers achieved “Green” on UCA’s supplier score card, participated in cost-reduction activities and provided superior customer service.


Supplier Excellence Award Winners



“Cargill supplies raw materials for our in-house requirements,” said Harumi Sheedy, manager, supplier management for UniCarriers Americas. “Their understanding of our quality requirements and consistent on-time delivery helped them win this award for the second consecutive year.”

“This award is especially meaningful, being received from UniCarriers, a valued customer with the highest standards of excellence in quality, service and delivery. The supply management that UniCarriers utilizes allows Cargill Metals to take advantage of both our physical supply expertise and financial expertise to provide unique solutions,” said Phil Hoffmaster, sales representative for Cargill. “UniCarriers has helped us to continually challenge ourselves and improve as a supplier. This is the second year in a row that Cargill has received the award, so we hope to continue that trend into the future.”



“DMK has been our supplier since 2011,” said Sheedy. “Their out-of-the-box thinking and willingness to support UCA is exceptional.”

“We are proud to receive one of the Supplier Excellence awards from UniCarriers,” said Tom Schartow, account manager for DMK. “At DMK we continuously strive to be a best-in-class supplier to all of our customers. This recognition by UniCarriers confirms that we are on the right path. We look forward to partnering with UniCarriers to mutually grow our businesses in the years to come.”



“KSM has been providing steel fabrication parts for a long time,” said Sheedy. “Their dedication to superior quality and consistent performance has separated them from the rest.”

“We work hard to develop long-lasting relationships by providing quality products delivered on time at competitive prices,” commented David Oechsner, president, KSM. “To keep business relationships strong we have to continue working to improve quality and continue working to improve efficiencies. Today, however, we’re going to take a little time to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate this award.”


NorthField Industries

“NorthField Industries has been a long time supplier who understands our needs and requirements,” said Sheedy. “Their quality, cost and delivery management is exceptional and helped them win this award for the second consecutive year.”

“We have been doing business with UniCarriers for more than 13 years, and two years before that as Fine Points. Winning this award is a huge moral boost for all our associates,” commented Charles Vogl, president, NorthField Industries. “It is an affirmation to every member of our company that working tirelessly to serve UniCarriers is the right path for us; and it is confirmation that UniCarriers appreciates our efforts.”



“Schabmuller/Zapi joined our team in 2009,” commented Sheedy. “They maintained a high level of on-time delivery, cost reduction and customer service, all while going through two ownership changes.”

“Winning this award is validation that our efforts to align our company with the needs of UniCarriers have been successful,” said Chris Murphy, president, ZAPI. “We will continue to strive to be considered the best supply partner in the industry.”


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