07/05/2012 - 04:00 am

Utilev Lift Trucks Debut

A new global brand of forklift trucks has been introduced to the U.S. market. The UTILEV UT25-30P range of diesel and LPG fuel forklift trucks is now available in select U.S. markets in 5,000- and 6,000-pound capacities.

Utilev lift trucks are ideal for users that require material handling equipment but may not need advanced functionality. They are an economical, uncomplicated solution for light- to medium-duty operating environments and for customers who use their lift trucks intermittently during the day or week. A range of standard features and options are available to configure the truck to the needs of the application.

What differentiates Utilev lift trucks from similar product offerings is that they are backed by a network of experienced and independent dealers that provide a wide range of support services including complete parts availability and lift truck maintenance. All trucks feature a standard limited warranty of 12 months/2,000 hours.

Utilev lift trucks are designed to be easy to operate. The ergonomically designed operator compartment helps drivers work comfortably during handling operations.

Utilev trucks are designed to be easy to service and maintain with a focus on minimizing both service time and costs. Thanks to the simplicity of the components and specification, servicing can be carried out quickly and easily, even when PCs, laptops or diagnostic tools are not available. The use of high quality, robust components, efficient filtration and excellent cooling helps contribute to reliable operation and lower wear and tear. This – together with the fast availability of cost-effective replacement parts – helps to reduce service and maintenance requirements and costs.

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