23/09/2013 - 18:51 pm

Utilev Lift Trucks Low Lease Rates Present Customers with More Options | Industry News

In industry news, NMHG Financial Services Inc.'s Retail Lease Program for UTILEV UT25P lift trucks presents lift truck customers with the option of a new lift truck versus purchasing used equipment.

“Utilev lift trucks are designed to meet the requirements of our standard-duty customers by providing an affordable alternative to used lift truck equipment,” said Brett Schemerhorn, vice president of marketing. “Utilev lift trucks are designed to deliver a reliable solution to customers who need a lift truck for a variety of material handling needs. Many of our customers feel they can’t afford to replace their current used lift equipment with a new lift truck. This $199 lease program offers a sensible alternative with all the benefits of a new truck to keep their operations running smoothly.”

The special lease program is $199 per month for 84 months. Customers can sign-up for the program through Dec. 31, 2013. Program exclusions do apply.

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