09/01/2012 - 04:00 am

Valla Releases Pair of New Cranes

Valla, Calendasco, Italy, has introduced the 13.23-ton 120EVO compact battery powered pick and carry crane.

The 120EVO is significantly more compact than the company’s existing 13.23-ton model, the 120E, with an overall width of 6.23 feet (compared with 6.89 feet), 11.8 inches lower overall height at 6.56 feet, and 11.8 inches shorter overall length at 13.12 feet.

The new crane has a longer, full power, five-section synchronized boom with a lifting capacity of 1.87 tons at its 44.29-foot maximum tip height. The maximum radius with horizontal boom is 31.16 feet at which the crane can handle 1.1 tons.

The crane also features an internal winch option. When the boom is fully retracted and stowed, the hook almost touches the ground because of its steep negative boom angle.

The 120EVO has front wheel direct AC electric drive and rear wheel steering with a crank angle of 85°, making it ideal for operation in confined areas.

Valla also released the 900 E mobile crane, which features a 200,000-pound maximum capacity. The crane features a 48 kW – 96 V DC fanned reversible electric motor fitted with a MOSFET speed control and microprocessor. Its power steering is operated by hydraulic motor and ball bearing, fitted between the power unit and the crane frame, allowing a 160° steering. It offers a 20 kW – 96 V motor driven pump, filter and safety valves.

The crane’s boom is fabricated from preformed and welded steel plate with four hydraulic telescoping sections.

The 900 E’s hydraulic system is powered by a 26 kW – 96 V motor driven pump.

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