24/03/2015 - 16:18 pm

Valley Craft Industries unveils PAL 500 lift at ProMat

Valley Craft Industries introduced the PAL 500 lightweight aluminum lift this week at ProMat. Designed and built in the United States, the machine allows for safe and efficient lifting and transportation of heavy materials. The aluminum lift has a 500-lb. load capacity. With an overall unit height of 81 in., the powered aluminum lift is capable of fitting through standard doorways. The slim profile makes maneuvering in narrow and confined spaces easy. The unit is also equipped with overload protection for operator safety and equipment protection.

Features include lightweight aluminum construction, an ergonomic handle, motor control with variable lift speeds, precision ball screw lift mechanism, up to 2 inches per second motion,and a built-in battery charger for the 24VDC, 18 Ah battery.

In addition, the PAL 500 has weight overload protection, a see-through safety shield, and quick attachment end-effectors that are available In platform, mandrel, fork-style and custom-end designs. Overall dimensions are 38”x29”x81”.

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