03/05/2012 - 14:11 pm

Verlinde gantry crane increases productivity


Industrial systems provider Midi Bobinage has taken delivery of a Verlinde 6,300kg gantry crane. The gantry will handle heavy industrial speed reducers, which are offloaded from trailers and set inside the workshop.

Previously, a manual Verlinde gantry crane with a 3,200kg electric hoist was used. “It was a long and laborious process because the speed reducers had to be offloaded from the trailer with a lifting truck before being manually pushed and handled with the gantry crane. We can now not only deal with larger and heavier systems but handling time has been halved,” said Dell’Ova, chairman and managing director, Midi Bobinage.

Space was limited because the height of the shop door frame was determined by a sustaining beam, which could not be moved. A Eurobloc VT2 type wire rope electric hoist with 4/1 reeving was used for this application.

“We also use the gantry crane to lift and lower large electrical machines. The speed variation feature, along with precision of travel and hoisting represent a significant quality service advantage,” added Dell’Ova.

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