24/06/2013 - 11:10 am

Verlinde Launches New Range of Stagemaker Entertainment Hoists


French manufacturer Verlinde has launched a new generation of its electric chain hoist range for the entertainment industry—Stagemaker SR.

Boasting an entirely new ergonomic design, the SR is fitted as standard with a double brake system, CHAINFlux special chain guide, Perfect Push patented hoist load wheel, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads.

The Stagemaker SR is marketed in two models: SR2 for loads up to 250kg, and SR5 for loads up to 500kg, each available with hoist speeds of 4m/min, 8m/min or 16m/min. The two models are each available with versions A and B.

Version A involves motors with direct voltage control and the version B motors with low voltage control. Its new ergonomic design, black in colour, enables it to fit in well with its environment especially with grid lighting systems. Handgrips prevent any risk of injury during assembly while offering optimum compactness when retracted. Protective rubber pads also offer shock protection during handling.

Keeping to Verlinde Stagemaker tradition, the SR is fitted with safety features to comply with current standards and regulations. It is equipped with a double hoist brake thus providing direct D8+ compatibility (D8+ ready with calibration obtained by dividing the rated load capacity by two).

This hoist has a new hoist load wheel concept with a chain drive using intermediary teeth, marketed as Perfect Push, together with the CHAINFlux MKII chain guide system. With the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch system in the gear box ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the equipment. Electric limit switches come as standard on the version B to ensure operator safety in maximum upper and lower positions of the hook.

Lubricated for life to reduce maintenance, the gear reducer is calculated for long durations of operation of up to 3,200 hours. The clutch system is easy to access for occasional maintenance operations and its location in the gearbox ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the equipment. 

The Perfect Push five-pocket hoist load wheel concept has five intermediate teeth for grip of the hoisting chain. The Chainflux MKII high strength aluminium feature also ensures a fluid, horizontal movement of chain on output from the hoist load wheel, facilitating passage of the chain on ejection. 

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