05/01/2016 - 14:12 pm

Verlinde’s workshop portal frame

French manufacturer, Verlinde´s VGPA workshop portal frame is made entirely of Eurosystem Alu type aluminium hollow sections. It is designed for handling loads of from 125 to 2000kg. The Verlinde Group´s range of aluminium sections designed for overhead handling systems is known as Eurosystem Alu and is notable for the lightness of its aluminium hollow sections with a rolling coefficient enabling effortless travelling trolley positioning.

The lightness of Eurosystem Alu sections enable the VGPA portal frame to be installed and handled by one person. Its weight is now half that of equivalent conventional steel structures. The lightness of the rails also offers the user easy, relatively effortless manipulation even with heavy, unwieldy loads.

With its fully modular design, VGPA portal frames are fitted with folding legs and their height can be adjusted from 1550 to 4000mm. They are mounted on white polyamide hinged wheels for inside use. The portal frame is fully mobile under load.

The aluminium is anodised inside and out for high resistance to wear and the smoothness of the track surface ensures silent operating. They are compatible with all ITEM standardised accessories and guaranteed weld-free for greater safety.

A power supply line together with a lockable switch are optional.

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