10/06/2020 - 19:15 pm
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Vetter marks National Forklift Safety Day 2020: with five steps to safe forks

In 2018 12,625 forklift accidents were reported in Germany to the DGUV (German Accident Insurance), five of which were fatal and every day there are numerous minor collisions which cause disruptions and high internal expenditures.

To mark National Forklift Safety Day on 9 June Vetter Industrie GmbH produced a five step guide to higher forklift safety

Forks offer a wide range of options to help improve safety, Vetter’s checklist shows you how to identify risks and take improvement measures.


What is the application and what is the biggest challenge for the forklift driver?

Depending on the transported goods and surrounding conditions, forklift drivers are faced with different challenges every day. This could be poor visibility, too long or too short forks, slipping loads, loads without a carrier and much more. Logistic employees show you options for improvements.


Has any accident happened within the last weeks/months? And which damages occurred?

Accidents happen, which indicates a need for action. Quite often, especially the very small and regular incidents cause high monthly costs. Damaged package, scratched surfaces and collisions with warehouse racks cost take time, cost money and efficiency. Summed up, there is a high potential for improvements.


Does it make sense to invest in special forks?

Adding up all challenges, risks, costs and time expenditures you will convince yourself that investments in special forks pay off. And if there are any safety risks, act immediately.


You can ask Vetter for your individual solution.

Contact Vetter fork specialist to work out an individual fork solution your you. There is a wide range of different options to choose from:

SmartFork – intelligent SensorForks for logistics 4.0

Coated forks – for slip resistance and load protection

ATEX forks

Forks for hygiene areas

Clever Helpers: retrofittable accessories for higher load protection, safety and efficiency

And a wide range of special forks with welded, milled, special surfaces or whatever you need


Happy with your forks? This is how you can profit from a long and efficient use.

Forks are subject to wear, however, observing the following recommendations, you will profit by long, safe and efficient application.

  • Carry out daily visual controls
  • Have the fork inspected regularly according to ISO 5057 / ANSI/ITSDF B56.1
  • Replace worn components immediately
  • Contact the fork manufacturer for fork modifications (weldings, coatings etc.). Only the manufacturer assures safety and guarantees warranty rights.
  • Safe forks also increase safety in logistics. Let us reduce the number of accidents together.

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