06/10/2011 - 04:00 am

Viastore Systems Adds Three AS/RS Aisles at Phoenix Contact

Viastore Systems, Inc., has added three new AS/RS aisles to the existing automated material handling system it installed at Phoenix Contact, Harrisburg, Pa., in 2008. Initiated as a result of Phoenix Contact’s strong and continued growth, the expansion will enable the company to effectively serve the needs of its markets within the Americas. 

The original modular system design was intended for expansion, so that Phoenix Contact could change, modify or expand the system as needed. "We are very pleased with the entire system from top to bottom; the numbers show that we're substantially more productive now than with our previous manual system," said Lou Paioletti, director of logistics at Phoenix Contact.

The system expansion includes three additional Viaspeed L double-deep SRM's for a total of seven SRM aisles and 33,180 additional storage locations for a total of 77,240 total locations. The mezzanine in front of the three new aisles was also expanded to include three additional inbound conveyor (load) stations, three additional outbound conveyor (unload) stations, one conveyor shortcut between the inbound and outbound loops, modification of the viad@tPLC software, and modification of the viad@tWMS/MFC/VISU software.

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