19/05/2015 - 14:52 pm

Video illustrates new features of CTE’s ZED 21.2 JH

Last December Italian manufacturer CTE launched new versions of its ZED 21 JH and ZED 23 JH 3.5t truck mounted articulated booms, to meet the regulatory changes that came into affect 1 February 2015 – the new EN 280:2013.

The new versions ZED 21 JH and ZED 23 JH evolve to ZED 21.2 JH and ZED 23.2 JH have completely redesigned the aerial platform and sub-frame, pushing the limits of the high strength steel supplied by SSAB. The new platforms have a total weight of less than 3350 kg. Moreover, in order to fully comply to the EN 280:2013, CTE was able to keep almost untouched the nominal load of the platform, despite the important technical changes to ensure greater safety to operators.

Using thinner SSAB Docol steel, CTE was able to ensure great stability at height for the operator with a lighter structure. The re-designed turret improves rigidity and a new rotary actuator for basket rotation of +/- 90deg.  A re-designed basket load cell provides a much more accurate reading of the basket load and therefore greater safety and user reliability.

Other new features include an “anti-crunching” protection for operator hands; dead-man switch (pedal) in the basket and duplicated ground control station with wired console.

To illustrate the new features CTE has produced a video of the ZED 21.2 JH https://youtu.be/DNsyjnJsBRY

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