10/05/2012 - 04:00 am

ViperTilt Tray Delivery System Increases Ergonomics, Accuracy and Productivity

The new ViperTilt tray delivery system available on the Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM) from Sapient Automation, Hatfield, Pa., provides ergonomic order picking of parts and items for increased levels of ergonomics, accuracy, and productivity in automated storage and retrieval systems operations.

The Viper VLM delivers a tray to the pick window, and then the ViperTilt automatically lifts the rear of the tray up towards the operator from a 25 to 45 degree angle depending on the type of items being stored. The tilt tray design allows all operators to easily reach parts stored in the front and rear of the tray without stretching, reaching, and bending. Likewise, the tray and work counter can automatically raise or lower to each operator's preferred working height, increasing accessibility even further. By eliminating these non-ergonomic activities, the ViperTilt tray helps reduce the incidence of work-related injuries.

The angle of the tray makes picking items even easier and helping to increase not only productivity, but accuracy levels. The angle makes it easier to see the actual items and the identification labels and packaging. Likewise, the LaserViper pick to light system can be integrated with the ViperTilt tray system and place a red laser dot on the item to be picked.

The Viper VLM is an enclosed automated storage system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform and computerized controls that deliver trays with stored items to an ergonomically positioned workstation. The Vertical Lift Module can hold large, irregularly shaped items, as well as totes, containers and boxes and can be fitted with partitions and dividers for very small items. 

The modular vertical design of the Viper VLM takes advantage of unused overhead space to recover up to 85 percent of the floor space required by traditional racks and shelving. The Viper VLM's dynamic tray height sensor optimizes its storage density, automatically directing the storage tray to be placed in the least amount of space possible within the material handling system. The automated storage system has variable height adjustment features to allow for taller or shorter space requirements. The vertical storage system can also be moved at any time to meet changes in order picking activity.

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