16/02/2016 - 10:50 am

Which technologies will Australian mines invest in?

A brand new report from mining industry experts Timetric called Technology Investment Priorities in Australian Mining, 2016 – provides a detailed analysis of investment intentions across different areas of technology in the Australian mining sector. The analysis is based upon Timetric’s survey of 100 mine managers, general, maintenance and procurement managers as well as other on-site and corporate decision makers. The focus of this report is what technologies respondents currently have and in which technologies they are planning to invest over the next two years.

The report has been compiled to enable you to:

• Understand which technologies have and are attracting the most investment, and how this varies by commodity group and mine type as well as by mining company revenue and state.

• Target the market segments that offer the greatest opportunity for your technology products and services

• Segment the market between those prospects or customers who are already fully invested, and those planning to make new investments into technology

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