14/07/2014 - 17:36 pm

Whiting Corp Introduces Safety and Risk Management System for Crane Control


Whiting Corporation has introduced to North America a safety and risk management system for crane control technologies. AccessPoint from Whiting Passport is a universal access control system that uses smart card technology to control access to a variety of mobile and fixed plant equipment.

The system prevents unauthorized people from using vital machinery, including overhead crane radio remote controls, overhead crane pendant controls, electrified "below-the-hook" special lifting devices, mobile cranes of all types, jib cranes and small process cranes.

It differs from existing access control systems that are designed to control access to areas, governing perimeter access. By contrast, AccessPoint puts an engineering control between any high risk, high value equipment and stops it being used by people who shouldn't be running it.

Joel Phelps, Whiting Passport product manager, said: "AccessPoint is unique in that it controls and can record the who, how, when and where the equipment was used. The technology, which can also be used on any piece of fixed or mobile equipment besides cranes, is an inexpensive, easy-to-use way to significantly reduce the risks of equipment misuse, which can include death and injury, compromising of the safety of entire plant operations and also causing damage and disruption that drives up operating costs."

He added: "The technology enables users to employ one system for their entire operation. The system is administered through a secure, easy-to-use web-based application, Whiting Viewpoint."

Each AccessPoint system is customized to each specific site or process, which has the power to store start and stop times, to track certification and expiration statuses and to set customized re-certification intervals on a per user basis, as they see fit.

"Users can remain in compliance with OHSA and other regulatory standards because AccessPoint gives them the ability to continuously view how their equipment is being used. Users can quickly address and correct misuse patterns. AccessPoint creates a shared culture of responsibility that ensures the correct use of high risk, high value plant equipment," said Phelps.

Headquartered in Monee, Illinois, Whiting's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility extends over 197,000 square feet, and is a fully-equipped, integrated manufacturing facility with a complete machine shop for material preparation, fabrication, machining and component assembly and testing. This facility also houses the headquarters and a regional office for Whiting Services, Inc., which specializes in the maintenance and inspection of overhead cranes of all manufacturers and of other Whiting equipment.

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