14/02/2011 - 04:00 am

Winkle Introduces New Magnet Model Ranges

Winkle Industries, Alliance, Ohio, has introduced a new line-up of lightweight scrap magnets developed with the latest version of the company’s proprietary computer modeling software.

Winkle’s OptiMag L-Series lifting magnets for scrap recyclers now include two model ranges, the LDSA magnets, updated from the previous LSA standard, and a new ELDSA line created specifically for smaller hydraulic scrap handling machines. The new L-Series models offer increased lifting capacity with lighter weight magnets. Through the redesign and enhancement process, Winkle also reduced costs in the new line-up of L-Series magnets through improved manufacturing and material efficiencies.

The LDSA and ELDSA types are both recommended for fixed and mixed loads in general duty scrap handling applications, providing a large lifting surface and reduced total weight to best utilize the crane’s load-lifting capacity. The lightweight LDSA and extra-light ELDSA models typically provide a weight savings of 4 percent to as much as 14 percent over comparable competitive magnets and come complete with heavy-duty mechanical features and deep-field coils.

The new magnets are the result of an end-to-end redesign and enhancement program enabled by recent refinements to the proprietary engineering software developed by Winkle. The 3D computer-aided modeling program allows Winkle engineers to optimize the magnet’s mechanical structure and coil design to ensure maximum lifting capacity, superior duty cycles and longer service life.

The standard line includes models ranging from 30 inches to 72 inches in diameter. LDSA magnets range in weight from 1,025 to 7,750 pounds, with lifting capacity from 625 to 5,625 pounds. ELDSA magnets begin at 895 pounds, lifting up to 575 pounds, and range to the 72 inch, 7,500 pound unit able to lift up to 5,550 pounds. Shipping weights are specified to include the weight of magnet chains, which are also optimized to suit the strength and safety demands of the application. Winkle designs all of its lifting magnets to achieve at least 75 percent duty cycles in continuous 24/7 operation.

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