06/04/2015 - 16:39 pm

Wire rope user’s manual goes digital

The Wire Rope User’s Manual, 4th Edition is now available on Flash Drive. The electronic manual can be read by both PC and Mac operating systems. Carry this manual into the field and plug it into your laptop or tablet or other device that has a USB port. This electronic version makes it easy to search for the information you need whether you are in the field or at your desk.  The manual is not saved to your device or server, but is read and used directly from the flash drive.  The flash drive can be shared by multiple users, as no password is required.

The Wire Rope User’s Manual is published by the Wire Rope Technical Board and is the culmination of a joint effort by the domestic wire rope industry. This 160 page manual is a comprehensive and convenient source of reference data covering areas such as wire rope components; identification and construction; handling and installation; operation, inspection and maintenance; and physical properties.

The information provided helps establish sound practices in rope selection and application. In addition, the fourth edition includes a new section to serve as guidance for the safe use of rope and sling products: wire rope and wire rope sling safety bulletin and wire rope inspection form.

Other materials from the WRTB include ASTM standards related to wire rope; Wire Rope Sling User’s Manual; Wire Rope Inspection Guidelines; Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sling Safety Bulletin; Wire Rope Warning Tags and Labels; and Groove Gauge Sets.


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