17/05/2016 - 18:40 pm

Yale Three-Wheel Stand Receives Award – Product News

Yale Materials Handling Corporation’s ESC030AD three-wheel stand has been awarded a bronze Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award winner. The Yale three-wheel stand was recognised in the materials handling systems category for its ability to perform in extreme environments, while maximising operator comfort and productivity.

Mick McCormick, vice president of Warehouse Solutions for Yale, “Having the three-wheel stand recognised for its performance, versatility and ability to optimize operator confidence and comfort, is validation of our commitment to understanding customer challenges, and helping them drive their business. The three-wheel stand offers an unparalleled option for customers looking for superior performance and increased labour productivity in a variety of applications and operating conditions.”

Extreme environments including cold storage, wash-down and food processing can be brutal on operators and components. The ESC030AD three-wheel stand is engineered to stand up to harsh environmental conditions and strict serviceability requirements with features that help improve productivity across a wide range of applications. Yale knows that comfortable operators are often more productive. The three-wheel stand includes the Yale Smart Ride Floor System which eliminates up to 65% of shock and vibrations transmitted to the operator, while the Clear View mast allows operators to easily stack and transport pallets with up to 40% greater visibility when compared to leading competitor configurations.

To increase productivity, the truck’s multi-function control handle allows for precision control, even in sub-zero applications when operators are wearing bulky freezer gloves. Additionally, with four battery compartment size options, the three-wheel stand offers the flexibility to fit virtually any application, providing improved manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

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