25/03/2014 - 14:36 pm

Yale Unveils New Lift Truck Series, Heavy-Duty Walkie, and Warehouse Technology at MODEX | Industry News

Yale Materials Handling Corp. unveiled the new Yale ERP025-030VC three-wheel sit-down electric lift truck series, the MPBO45-VG heavy-duty walkie pallet truck, and Yale iSi Technology—a common control system integrated across Yale warehouse lift truck products.

The new ERP025-030VC is designed with a narrow width and tight turning radius, allowing operators to maneuver confidently and efficiently in constricted areas or on congested loading docks. The series offers 2,500 or 3,000 lbs. of lifting capacity, making them suitable for light manufacturing, food processing, third-party logistics, and distribution applications.

The new three-wheel electric riders have AC motors and are 39.2 inches wide, with an outside turning radius of 55 inches for the ERP025VC model and 57.2 inches for the ERP030VC model. The trucks feature a rear wheel drive motor, single steer tire, drum brakes, and a manual parking brake. The masts on the ERP-VC models have a variable lap design to improve mast rigidity and forward visibility through decreased channel stack width; the new truck’s hydraulic and traction performance can be customized to the application.

The new MPB045-VG heavy-duty walkie pallet truck features Yale’s Smart Slow Down technology which automatically reduces the truck’s speed when the operator turns the truck during cornering, and has the capability of reducing cycle times by up to 25%.

David McNeill, warehouse product manager for Yale explained, “This industry-exclusive feature increases efficiency by allowing the operator to begin transporting the pallet before the unit is at full lift. Smart Lift automatically permits the pallet to rise to maximum fork height without the operator having to continually hold the lift button, creating simultaneous lift and travel.”

The new walkie has an easy to remove cover requiring no tools and convenient access to main components; lubrication fits are easily accessible for routine servicing.

Finally Yale’s new iSi Technology was developed to increase its customers’ ease of management and service. iSi offerss a common onboard display panel for simple parameter adjustment and easy access to diagnostics by operators, supervisors, and service personnel. To address a warehouse operation’s multi-task needs, the technology includes both a standard or extended-shift functionality to provide a balance between battery run-time and truck productivity, and four operator performance modes for efficiency. The performance settings are adjustable, allowing the operation to tailor the equipment to operator or application needs. The new Yale iSi Technology is capable of integrating with the Yale Vision wireless asset management system.

The Yale iSi Technology has been added to the Yale ESC030-040AC three-wheel stand lift truck series, the NR035-040DB/NDR030DB, and NR035-045EB/NDR030-035EB narrow aisle reach truck series, and the OS030EF, OS030BF, SS030BF, and FS030BF order selectors.

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