26/04/2022 - 13:53 pm

Yoke cuts single use plastic

A major part of Yoke’s 2022 sustainability goals measured through its Sustainable Development Committee is the reduction of the use of plastics in the company’s manufacturing and distribution processes. It is one of Yoke’s major goals to implement and promote a plastics reduction programme, eliminating plastics entering the environment through the Yoke supply chain.

The first step is to  reducing the individual packaging of lifting products within the cardboard boxes, single use plastic being one of the major threats to the health of the planet and the environment. This activity will also support Yoke’s partners, who use or resell its products, to minimise their own carbon footprint and reduce CO2, bringing them environmental advantages over their competitors, but still delivering  product in the same conditionas it is delivered today.

Yoke is involving all its staff in sustainable development, gathering the collective strength of its employees. The company says that if everyone achieves something small, each action will  transform into a substantial force that enables it to achieve great things.

The development of the Yoke digital product line will significantly reduce paper waste with the transition of documentation to a digital future.

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