25/10/2022 - 15:04 pm

Charger of change

At Bauma, in Munich, Zivan launched the CT3.3 – a new onboard battery charging solution.

The CT3.3 charger development started following the success achieved by Zivan, with the SG3. A rugged, 3kW battery charger, suitable for onboard installations, in electrically powered machines and vehicles.

The SG3 is supporting market-leading OEMs in different sectors in their electrification projects. It ensures a robust, reliable, and high-performance charging solution, compatible with EV AC charging stations.

Strengthened by experience and presence in targeted sectors and applications like non-road mobile machinery, aerial work platform, e-mobility, AGV/AMR and others, Zivan began the CT3.3 development to complement SG3.

New, valuable features will be introduced with the CT3.3, such as water cooling, increased power density, optional integrated DCDC converter and input over-voltage protection.

A compact product, featuring higher power, condensed into a smaller space, with a FW platform compatible with the SG3.

CT3.3 as well as SG3 can be installed in stackable configuration to scale up charging power (3.3 kW, 6.6 kW, 9.9 kW and so on) depending on application specific needs.

Zivan provides a wide, and flexible portfolio, which ranges from onboard chargers to offboard fast-chargers made in Europe.


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