05/02/2021 - 10:57 am

Codipro launches the fast anchoring Quick Lift Ring

Luxembourg swivel lifting ring specialist Codipro has released the Quick Lift Ring (QLR) which at the push of a button can be fixed in a threaded hole in a matter of seconds. 

Saving up to 80% of time compared to screwing in a conventional lifting ring, the QLR transforms the often lengthy process into a short operation. It is a double swivel ring with bearing and is easy to handle. The system works mechanically and so requires no complex maintenance. The QLR has higher lifting capacities than the fixed rings and is available for the DSR Gradup and stainless steel model.

Martin Poth, sales manager at Codipro says “The idea of this lifting ring was born from the wish often expressed by our distributor-partners to be able to offer their customers a lifting ring that combines speed and safety”.


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