12/03/2020 - 14:31 pm

Crown launches small footprint lift truck that’s big on comfort

The Ohio based Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has introduced a new line of small footprint LPG lift trucks.  Available in 3000-, 3500- and 4000lb capacities, the C-G Series Cushion Tire is designed for easy manoeuvring and operator comfort in manufacturing, warehouse and beverage operations with limited space.

The new lift truck comes with a choice of masts, with a range of lift heights, from 78 to 236in. The 37in wide C-G chassis – about five to six inches narrower than the chassis of a typical 4000 to 7000lb forklift – allows C-G Series forklifts to nimbly navigate tight rack storage aisles.

“Crown C-G series forklifts are space-savers for customers with limited floor space.  At the same time they are space-givers for lift truck operators who appreciate extra room to freely, efficiently and safely drive their machines,” said Rob Chaney, C-G Series marketing product manager. He added that the new model economises on space for end users that utilise floor space to block stack. The truck is also well-suited for tight manufacturing areas and small businesses, such as breweries that have limited space. “And because C-G forklifts are equipped with an electronic switch parking brake, they don’t have a parking brake handle, giving operators even more room to move freely. Combined with the low step height, grab bar, extra headroom and sculpted seat deck, this makes entry and exit easy for operators.”

 The operator compartment offers a spacious floorboard and strategic pedal placement to allow operators to easily pivot their foot from accelerator to brake, and to the inching pedal. Other  comforts include the tilting and telescoping steering column, standard adjustable suspension seat, USB ports and the standard reverse travel handle and horn button, which add to the comfort and safety of reversing with a load, allowing the operator to keep hands inside the forklift.

 The new lift truck is powered by a 4-cylinder, 2l LP engine with powershift transmission. The 50.6HP engine includes a selectable economy mode and top speed control.  The truck frame, heavy cast iron steer axle and powertrain are rugged enough for transporting product outdoors between plants over concrete and black top surfaces. Several tire options are available.  An optional heavy-duty cooling package is available for heavy-use applications and for operation in high ambient temperatures.

 The C-G Series’ oil-cooled disc brakes, covered by a five-year/10,000-hour warranty, are sealed to keep out dirt and contamination. “This feature cuts down on maintenance and is another plus for operator comfort,” Chaney said. “The brakes are always running in an oil bath to cool them and provide consistent pedal pressure, which means longer-lasting brakes and less operator fatigue.”

 For ease of maintenance, C-G forklifts provide easy access for routine upkeep such as fluid checks and replacement. And the forklift’s convenient electronic air filter minder provides an on-dash warning when the air filter is plugged.



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