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Donati takes its lifting systems into the digital economy

In nearly a century of operation, Donati Sollevamenti has kept pace with the latest developments in industrial lifting systems and has responded to the changing demands of the market. The company’s range of digital services demonstrates its willingness to evolve and proves that the jib crane and hoist sector can play a full part in the digital economy.

Users of hoists, cranes and overhead systems can explore its online offering as a gateway to working with Donati. The company’s website, donaticranes.com, provides a range of tools which aim to make lifting operations easier. These include an online spare parts shop; a customer portal; equipment configurators and soon a contact creation system.


Choosing and buying spare parts has become even easier, with the redesign of the B2B e-commerce platform on the Donati website. The layout has been made more attractive, and new features have been added to help customers navigate between products. The new responsive web design will adjust to any type of device: important where professionals on the move may still need to put in an urgent request for a spare part.

To meet the needs of purchasing managers, the method for submitting an order has also been simplified. For a mixed order of up to 50 items the customer can copy and paste from emails, or Excel and Word documents. There is also a more intuitive system for monitoring orders, and for checking availability, prices and discounts.

Customer Portal

The new portal has a special business dashboard for customers, giving each user a customised profile: graphs show details and trends in the number of orders submitted, their overall value and their value in terms of type of product. If you want further details, a particular period can be selected for examination.

The training area on the site includes a list of all the video tutorials produced by Donati regarding use of its lifting devices. This area provides the answers to any questions that crane and hoist operators might have about correct operating procedures, system adjustments, or maintenance and repair.

Leonardo configurators

Donati’s Leonardo configurators provide an innovative way to configure hoists, jib cranes and bridge cranes. The name, Leonardo, was chosen as the system was inspired by the most versatile inventor of the Renaissance. Donati describes its own approach as revolutionary from both a technical and a commercial standpoint. Customers no longer have to choose the product closest to their needs from among those listed in a catalogue – now, the product to can be configured to exact requirements.

The configurator is available in two versions: the ‘Product’ version for chain hoists, rope hoists and jib cranes and the ‘Crane Set’ version for bridge crane constructors.

The Product version has two means of access – Full and Free. Full is for users who have login credentials and allows the creation a technical design in various formats with an immediate indication of price. Free allows access without login and password, but a quote can only be acquired by submitting the relevant technical design to Donati.

Both variants are designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

The Crane Set version allows users to configure bridge structures complete with heads, trolleys and hoists, in line with the required size and capacity. The highly versatile nature of this system means it can satisfy the needs of the customer at the design phase, and also provide a detailed quote, including all the components and accessories. The Leonardo Crane Set configurator can also provide the customer with the information he requires for calculating the dimensions of the structure.

To meet the demands of the global market, all the applications are available in five languages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

Lifting designer

The lifting designer will soon be available on Donati’s site – it is designed for those who are not experts in lifting systems but still need to know which product would best suit their needs.

Selecting the most suitable system for lifting and moving goods and materials is reduced to three easy steps: the weight of the load; the lateral movement and preferences (versatility, speed of delivery, configurability).

A number of pre-set options are then proposed, on the basis of the chosen responses. The user can request product information material in relation to his particular interest, and ask to be contacted by the Donati agent in his local area.

LHI would like to appologise to any of our readers who were hoping to see Donati at LogiMat – a mis-communication led us to wrongly announce the company’s participation in the show – you can find out more about this and other Donati products at https://donaticranes.com/en/frontpage .

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