20/07/2021 - 12:46 pm

Jekko’s special SPX1280 takes to the air

Jekko, working with the Belgian army, has developed the first minicrane suitable for air transport.

It looks like the classic SPX1280, with its compact dimensions, innovative stabilisation and hydraulic system, a maximum lifting capacity of 8t and a 2t pick-and-carry but, this bright yellow minicrane includes special features that make it a military-grade machine, fitted for air transport and parachuting.

Jekkos technical department, in partnership with their Belgian dealer Rentalift and the Belgian Defence Forces – Air Component, has, over the last two years, developed what is believed to be, the first and only minicrane in the world designed for air transport.

The main element of this minicrane is its reinforced chassis, which follows the STANAG conditions and procedures. This frame offers several anchor points to be secured on a plane and be parachuted if needed. It also presents an anemometer to keep an eye on the wind condition on the working site, a cold-weather kit for starting the engine and filters for working in dusty or sandy environments. To provide a quick response to the needsof the soldiers and respect the tight schedule, Rentalift was always in close contact both with the army and Jekko.

This SPX1280 is designed to work everywhere: from the artic-cold to the desert-hot, under the scorching sun and the showering rain.

“We are excited about this new military-grade Jekko crane,” says Davy Bintein, Rentalift’s sales manager. “The Belgian Defence Forces first approached us in 2018 at MATEXPO exhibition, looking for a crane able to fly on an Airbus A400M and work on the aeroplane maintenance. Of the four companies contacted, Jekko met all the army expectations and was the only competitor able to build the cranes in a short time, managing to win the contract. The standard SPX1280 already had the main features they were looking for: its balance between size/weight and lifting capacity, the pick-and-carry function, the automatic stabilisation, the fully radio-controlled crane, and the many customisations available. It possesses a natural sturdiness and reliable stability, and the outcome is a special model for special ops that embodies the most advanced technical solutions.”

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