25/04/2023 - 10:47 am

Jungheinrich launches latest AMR at LogiMat

Jungheinrich’s latest mobile robot solution is celebrating its world premiere at the LogiMAT 2023 in Stuttgart.

The EAE 212a is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), which includes a newly developed control system and tool chain. The precisely coordinated interplay of all three components makes it particularly easy to integrate the solution into any existing storage environment and offers flexibility from planning to everyday practice. “When used in the warehouse, the EAE 212a impresses with its simple integration, maximum flexibility and scalability. It embodies nothing less than the future of intralogistics,” says Christian Erlach, Jungheinrich board member for sales.

Latest generation AMR

The EAE 212a is designed for the automation of low-lift operations. Due to its Jungheinrich-patented chassis design, it is narrower than a Euro pallet at just 790mm. This enables manoeuvrable and agile ground-to-ground transport at speeds of up to 6km/h. The vehicle is able to transport loads weighing up to 1.2t. “As a low-lift vehicle, the EAE 212a is the perfect addition to our existing mobile robot portfolio and is perfect for supplying and disposing of incoming and outgoing goods lanes,” says Erlach. The navigation of the EAE 212a manages completely without artificial landmarks. Elaborate preparatory measures in the warehouse are therefore a thing of the past.

Easy integration into existing warehouses

When developing its new mobile robot solution, Jungheinrich placed particular value on the ideal interaction of hardware and software as well as their networking and integration into the overall system. In order to create a holistic solution, the company has used its extensive knowledge of industrial trucks as well as its process and software expertise and relies on a consistent tool chain with the Jungheinrich Mobile Robot Control (MRC) developed in-house. The Jungheinrich MRC includes, among other things, the central order management, the truck control, a modelling tool and also a visualisation in real time. With the new modelling tool, project planning for the mobile robot solution for the EAE 212a is possible within a few hours.

Scalability for the future

The new toolchain, an integral part of the mobile robot solution, enables traffic and travel zones to be adjusted quickly and easily as needs and requirements change in a warehouse. Additional EAE 212a type AMRs can be easily added and projects can be expanded at short notice. Jungheinrich’s new mobile robot solution is, therefore, designed for maximum scalability. The EAE 212a can be used as a stand-alone solution or connected to the existing host system in the warehouse. Thanks to control system compatibility based on the VDA 5050 standard and a future-proof software platform, the mobile robot solution is geared to future challenges in the warehouse environment.

Flexibility in use

Due to its high degree of autonomy, the EAE 212a finds its own solutions in use: it can flexibly avoid obstacles and continue its work without human intervention. Thanks to its target recognition, the EAE 212a is also able to detect pallets that are not exactly in their desired position. This means that it can be integrated into manual processes, even in a confusing warehouse.

Human-machine interaction

When developing the EAE 212a, Jungheinrich placed another focus on simple and intuitive communication between man and machine. With immediate and clear information at the control station, LED strips from afar or the clear display at close range, the human colleagues at the EAE 212a have all the important information at a glance if required. This helps the mobile robot solution to be widely accepted by employees.



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