14/09/2022 - 13:02 pm

Maxam Tire unveils high-performance MS700

Maxam Tire has unveilled an additional high-performance material handling tyre programme, the MS700 resilient solid to its existing industrial tyre series.

Developed for forklifts with maximum lifting capabilities, including port applications, the MS700 has one of the widest footprints in its class. Designed with a distinctive tread pattern and smooth centreline, this product offers a combination of traction and tread life while enhancing steering and preventing chunking in aggressive applications.

Similar to the recently launched MS600 press-on solid, the MS700 will be developed in the company’s newly opened, fully owned state-of-the-art solid tyre factory. The MS700 resilient will encompass the all-new ‘liquid gold’ patent-pending compound technology, EcoPoint3TM, delivering high levels of performance and productivity to the industry.

EcoPoint3TM compounding, otherwise known as the ‘liquid gold’ technology, tackles major challenges in the tyre industry: rolling, skid, and wear resistance. This patented process allows the new MS700’s liquid-mixed masterbatches to be produced with less filler, higher ratios of stress at elongation, and minimum proportions of impurities. The liquid-phased process subsequently produces optimum consistency and a leading-edge compound. The unparalleled skid, wear and rolling resistance provides a stronger, safer, and more energy-efficient tire that represents a breakthrough in performance and productivity.

“Continuing the innovative development of the press-on MS600 we launched earlier this year, and creating the evolutionary EcoPoint3TM compound technology, the new MS700 series represents Maxam Tire’s commitment to providing unmatched performance, value, and efficiency to the industrial market. Focusing on simplifying productivity when creating the series, we are confident that the new programmes will boost industry standards globally and provide the solutions that our customers deserve,” says Troy Kline, president of Maxam Tire North America.

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