20/05/2021 - 18:39 pm

Operator assist technology from Hyster

Hyster Company has launched a package of technologies designed to reinforce proper lift truck operation by automatically adjusting truck performance based on real-time equipment status, location and operating conditions. The Hyster Reaction solution uses technology developed from an investment of over 29,000 hours of research and development time in cooperation with one of the world’s largest logistics and technology companies.

The package of technologies includes dynamic stability, object detection, proximity detection and real-time location sensing, all tailored to the complexities of operating lift trucks in fast-paced, demanding indoor environments. While the operator remains in control of the lift truck, the solution offers a broad range of operator assist functions to reinforce best practices, based on location, equipment-specific thresholds and proximity to obstacles or pedestrians. For example, capabilities include: automatic slowdown as lift trucks approach an intersection, such as a four-way cross; limited speed and acceleration in designated pedestrian zones; proactive speed reduction when traveling around corners and hydraulic lock-out to prevent moving loads that exceed weight threshold

Hyster Reaction leverages three key technology elements to gather real-time data and apply limitations to truck performance. Proximity detection is powered by either local or real-time location technologies that use tags on equipment, pedestrians and infrastructure to provide truck-to-truck, truck-to-pedestrian and truck-to-beacon detection.

For further awareness, including objects not connected to proximity tags, a lidar-based system detects obstacles in the path of travel. Advanced dynamic stability is the solution’s foundation technology. It uses information from lidar and proximity detection, along with truck sensors and inputs, to provide advanced traction, hydraulic and overload control to support optimal equipment stability.

“Hyster Reaction is an unprecedented solution, comprehensive in both technology and functionality, that works as a complement to proper operator training and helps reinforce lift truck safety initiatives,” says Steven LaFevers, vice president of emerging technology at Hyster Company. “It’s a scalable offering that goes beyond applying stability controls based only on equipment or load status. Layers of location and proximity technology enable a much greater range of functionality and rules, all customizable to the needs of each site.”

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