07/06/2022 - 14:30 pm

Raymond celebrates national forklift safety day with launch of next-generation VR simulator

As a proud supporter of the 9th National Forklift Safety Day, The Raymond Corporation is committed to prioritising forklift operator education and providing intelligent warehouse solutions that help customers create a culture of continuous improvement and boost overall facility well-being. Along with National Forklift Safety Day, The Raymond Corporation will be celebrating its 100th anniversary and launch of its next-generation Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator.

Raymond’s VR Simulator is a flexible, scalable teaching tool that uses the latest immersive technology to bring new hires up to proficiency more quickly and to continually expand operator skills for reduced turnover. The updated VR Simulator is designed for optimum usability and performance with a smaller, lighter case for easier manoeuvrability and setup, as well as the award-winning HTC VIVE Focus 3 wireless all-in-one VR headset for enhanced operator performance, comfort and longer immersive sessions. The simulator uses training modules that build on themselves to help operators reach higher proficiency levels faster and feel more confident before reaching the warehouse floor.

“Raymond continues to build on its 100-year history of innovation and continuous improvement to create solutions that help customers take meaningful action by optimizsng, connecting and automating with technologies and training solutions that, together, help reinforce operator best practices,” said Michael Field, president and CEO of The Raymond Corporation. “We are excited to build on our history and continue to provide industry-leading education and training programs for our customers.”

More information and updates about National Forklift Safety Day will also be available on the International Truck Association website: www.indtrk.org/national-forklift-safety-day.

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