11/10/2021 - 17:06 pm

Silent delivery from Palfinger forklifts

Compact, powerful, and now low in noise emission too: due to the Silent Pack developed by Palfinger, truck mounted forklifts in the F3 151 series now carry their loads with a lot less noise. The Silent Pack uses innovative engineering to achieve measurably lower noise levels.

The Palfinger F3 151 truck mounted forklifts, ensure complete independence during unloading. These ‘lightweights’ can be operated with high precision and offer lifting power of 1500kg. They are also extremely light and manoeuvrable. Above all, the truck mounted forklifts come with the specially developed Silent Pack as an optional extra. The Silent Pack significantly lowers noise emission, meeting the growing demand for increasingly low-noise machinery. This facilitates or even makes it possible to deliver in residential areas and in the early morning hours.

During work on the technology for the Silent Pack, the engine’s cooling air intake was redesigned, which reduced the noise generated by suction fan and cut the noise emitted by the engine further still. In combination with larger flange surfaces, reinforced engine support brackets curb the transfer of vibrations into the main frame, thereby reducing further noise caused by vibrations. This effect is heightened by the hydraulic engine mount which is also built in. Furthermore, the sound-insulating materials developed for the engine compartment with an Austrian specialist from the automotive industry and the completely re-engineered muffler significantly cut noise levels.

“Our truck mounted forklifts are continuously optimised,” says Franz Hettegger, TMF product manager at Palfinger. “They’re becoming even smaller, more powerful and audibly and measurably quieter,” he adds proudly. The truck mounted forklifts from Palfinger provide a suitable solution for the challenges facing logistics departments particularly of breweries, drinks manufacturers, and distributors. The Silent Pack solution is already available to order as an additional feature for the F3 151 truck mounted forklift series for the beverage industry.

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