21/11/2023 - 15:48 pm

Streamlined diagnostics with DLM

Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) today unveiled a pioneering new diagnostics system for load cell management at LiftEx 2023.

The company has spent two years developing a wireless USB dongle device to provide much slicker and quicker access to diagnostics, as well as greater real-time overview capabilities. The dongle simply plugs into a tablet, laptop or PC and can provide data on up to 12 different load cells at once.

Martin Halford, managing director of DLM, said: “The new system delivers several advantages to our clients. They gain improved visibility of real-time data and better oversight of all load cells. In addition they can gain better insights through functionality like sorting by type; and benefit from the fact that the data is being instantly and simultaneously logged, there is no need to upload it individually from other devices.

“For offshore lifting we envisage the workers on deck will still use our rugged handheld devices, but the team on the bridge can use the dongle to give them much better visibility of multiple load cells. The ability to put this data up onto a big screen on the bridge – or even onshore in a site office – and view it in real time will be a huge benefit.

“Overall, it is slicker and easier to use. It is compatible with the handheld device but with handheld you need to download the CSV file, whereas with the dongle the data is already there in Excel format.”

The new device will be officially launched early next year. DLM has already secured UKCA and CE marking and is close to completing certification for US and Canadian standards.

“It has been two years in the making as it required significant engineering work to miniaturise the hardware – plus we had to write new software for it. Everything was done in-house.”

DLM is enjoying a strong finish to 2023 with a record order book. “The order book is the biggest we have ever had which is very encouraging. We are seeing a huge amount of business from the offshore renewable energy sector but also a fair amount from the lifting sector as well.”

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