20/07/2019 - 21:32 pm
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Terex has expanded TL Series with models for transmission work.

Terex Utilities has expanded its TL Series of aerial devices with three new telescopic and material handling models designed for transmission work. Dan Brenden, director of engineering says, “Cost-effective mounting options, commonality of parts, and reduced maintenance features are ways TL Transmission Aerials Devices deliver economical cost of ownership over the life of the equipment.” Terex introduced the new series at the 2019 Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC) early in June.

The series includes the TL80, TL100, and TL80/112, which provide 80ft, 100ft, and 112ft working heights, respectively. The new TL Transmission aerial devices were developed to have strong working ranges when compared to similar transmission aerials. “With variable capacity through the working envelope, the TL Series delivers optimum capacity in the work zone areas where you need it the most,” says Brenden. For example, the TL100 has more than 61ft of horizontal reach and a maximum material handling capacity of 1000lb.

All three models feature end-mounted two-person platforms with capacities up to 700lb. Self-levelling platforms rotate 180deg. The TL80 and TL80/112 are also available with an option of a side mounted platform having a jib capacity up to 2000lb.

Designed to provide ground access, the platform on all TL units can be lowered to within inches of the ground. Balaji Dhondiba, engineering manager for Aerial Products says, “This makes it easier for line workers to hand off tools and clean out debris in the platform. It also aids personnel rescue.
“Typically able to be mounted on lower GVW chassis than traditional transmission units, it affords fleet owners greater flexibility to aid in managing their budget,” says Dhondiba. For example, the TL80 can be mounted on a 33,000lb GVW, tandem axle chassis. “Not only is this less expensive to purchase than a tri-axle chassis, it also costs less to maintain over the life of the vehicle,” he says. In addition, the boom design increases bed space and bed access to the bucket.

Use of high grade, high yield strength steel in the upper and lower boom sections, provides rigid operation while reducing weight in the boom. In addition, the lower boom comes with a fiberglass lower boom insert and an upper boom that allows the TL80 and TL80/112 Category B Dielectric to be rated for 138kV work. The TL100 can be rated up to 69kV.

Commonality of parts is another way Terex Utilities is working to streamline fleet management for owners. The TL80 uses the same cylinder for its lower and upper booms, as does the TL100. All three models feature the same levelling cylinders. In addition, the same part is used for the upper boom rest for the TL80 and TL100. For ease of maintenance, hydraulic fittings above the rotation bearing use O-ring seals, and adjustable wear pads are easily accessible from outside the boom when adjustment is necessary.

Brendan says, “The new TL aerial devices are a cost-effective addition to transmission fleets when lower GVW chassis are preferred and specific work zone capacity meets the needs of the type of work being done.”

Joe Caywood, director of marketing says, “EUFMC provides electric utility fleet managers a time and place to discuss issues affecting them. We will continue to attend, listen and deliver solutions – as we have been through the years.”

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