21/03/2023 - 16:21 pm

Trackunit’s new app enables faster on-site device resolution

Trackunit is launching its latest telematic-based application My Network to help users and businesses manage connectivity, configuration and the health of telematics devices fleet-wide.

As fleets become increasingly connected, they are demonstrating their capabilities as a platform to monitor and increase productivity and eliminate downtime. When devices or connections fail operators, fleet managers and OEMs need usable data quickly to take remedial action.

“Working with OEMs, rental companies and users, we have brought to market an app that provides 20-plus pre-set widgets that give users instant access to key insights for telematics connectivity and configuration,” says Trackunit’s CEO, Soeren Brogaard. “This approach will help eliminate downtime and increase equipment’s billable hours.”

The My Network app provides data, via Trackunit Manager software, to quickly identify and resolve device-related issues to improve machine up-time and maximise owners ROI. Whether an OEM, telematics programme manager, rental or fleet manager or a service technician, My Network provides the data to reduce time to resolution by up to 75% using a self-service approach.

The app allows users to drive the usefulness of equipment data and increase the extracted value of their telematics solutions by 5-10%. Using real-time actionable insights, depicted on Trackunit Manager, users can drive continuous and proactive resolution of device issues 66% faster without the need for OEM or third-party support.

Three core aspects of the app ensure relevant data is provided in a highly visual format:

  • Overview, offers a complete view of all the important device KPIs to drive corrective actions, configure thresholds, warning limits, and device types to meet fleet requirements.
  • Inventory, allows users to immediately visualise the composition and distribution of device installations from ten unique perspectives, driving operational value for a fleet programme.
  • Devices, allows users to drill deeper with a consolidated list view of all device-related information, with powerful filters and sorting capability to highlight the devices that need immediate attention.

Dave Swan, senior vice president of products says, “Users can use one dashboard to examine the distribution of device types, technology mix, CAN profiles and device status to ensure the fleet is up to date. Device connectivity and device power widgets allow users to identify devices that are not communicating, or that have external or internal power or battery issues.

“Users can, at a glance, establish the condition of all their connected devices using the health score indicators and use dashboard KPIs to create baselines and drive resolutions,” he said. “The app is integrated with Trackunit Manager and the Iris platform, expanding the capabilities for OEMs, rental companies and contractors, while increasing the value of the data generated across the solution.”

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