28/02/2023 - 16:32 pm

BYD forklifts: the perfect recipe for Devenish

Said to offer super-fast charging and lower total cost of ownership than IC and lead acid battery alternatives, BYD’s range of zero-emission iron-phosphate battery-powered forklifts have proved to be the ‘perfect recipe’ for sustainable food products specialist Devenish in Northern Ireland.

For intense operations such as that at Devenish’s Belfast facility, there’s an alternative to the increasingly expensive and sometimes impractical diesel, gas and lead acid battery-powered forklifts in the form of BYD’s range of iron-phosphate battery-powered forklifts.

Headquartered in Northern Ireland with five global production sites, Devenish’s team of nutritionists use science and technology to ensure the most effective and efficient use of nutrients in the production of food. Its nutritional solutions have a positive impact on animals, farms, the environment and people, and that philosophy extends to reducing the environmental impact of its logistics operations. Devenish had previously relied on gas-powered forklifts for both indoor and outdoor work but has now switched its entire fleet to zero-emission forklifts from BYD’s iron-phosphate battery-powered range.

“When it came to replacing the forklift fleet, our aims were to reduce our operating costs and minimise our carbon footprint,” says Kieran McPolin, head of operations at Devenish. “I’d say to any business considering switching to electric, talk to BYD. Our operators now prefer the electric forklifts over the previous IC-engined trucks. The business has reduced its overall environmental impact and we’re saving money at the same time.”

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