11/10/2022 - 17:24 pm

Crane motors with exactly replicated interfaces

Menzel Elektromotoren has manufactured four crane motors with the exact electrical and mechanical interfacing positions of a make that is no longer available today. The new slip ring motors based on a cost-efficient motor series will drive hoists on overhead cranes in a Chilean cement plant.

Since standard motors do not fit the existing positions and dimensions for feet, shafts and shaft height, and since constructive changes on the cranes are impossible or not desirable due to technical and safety approvals, Menzel tailored foot adapter rails.

The motors have two shaft ends, with the drive end coupled to the gearbox, which connects to the rope drum, and a brake installed on the non-drive end. At the customer’s request, the stator and rotor connections are implemented in a common terminal box, which is symmetrically positioned and can be simply rotated in the direction of the connection cables. This allows the customer to deploy the motors in different locations with limited space.

The slip ring motors from the energy-efficient, low-noise MEBSGR series provide high starting torques at low starting currents and have a high overload capacity. They have a rated power of 63kW, a rated voltage of 550V and a rated torque of 617Nm. The motors are designed for periodic intermittent operation (S3 40%).

As a family-run, medium-sized manufacturer, Menzel is very customer-oriented, responds flexibly to special requests and can therefore also serve those inquiries that many competitors routinely reject for requiring too much effort. The crane motors adapted for the cement manufacturer fit exactly in terms of electrical performance data and mounting dimensions and can be directly mounted on the cranes.

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