23/01/2024 - 16:49 pm

LASTRO takes Enerpac Jack-up to new heights

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of an Enerpac JS-250 fitted with a bracing kit for German heavy lift company, LASTRO Heavylift, has been completed at Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology in The Netherlands. The JS-250 Jack-up lifted a 660 metric ton load to a height of 15m during the FAT.

The Enerpac JS-250 system, comprising four towers, can lift loads up to 1400 tonne to 5m and 1000 tonne to 10m. The bracing kit includes four specially designed mid barrels, four adjustable braces and eight diagonal tension bars. The mid barrels are added to the tower and the braces and tensions bars fitted at ground level. The jack-up bracing arrangement is then raised synchronously as more barrels are added to the tower. The bracing system is especially useful when side loads are expected, for example, when deploying the JS-250 Jack-up system on self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) during bridge construction.

In addition to the JS-250 Jack-up, LASTRO has invested in the enlargement and modernisation of its already huge equipment fleet with 200 tonne and 70 tonne Enerpac strand jacks, as well as a complete Enerpac SCJ-Series 100 cube system.

“With larger and heavier loads in often space restricted areas, the compactness of the Enerpac systems will allow us to offer an effective lifting solution that is quick to implement,” said Katja Marmann, CEO, LASTRO Heavylift GmbH. “The Jack-up and Cube Jack systems are highly capable lifting systems for many projects where it’s not possible to use traditional cranes, especially inside factory and production buildings.”

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