25/11/2020 - 13:26 pm

Trailer crane supports restoration of lighthouse

Off the coast of  Norwalk in Connecticut, USA, the Böcker trailer crane AHK 36 was used for a repair and restoration project at Peck Ledge Lighthouse. At this unusual location in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, the crane assisted in the assembly of steel frames, the delivery of material and the removal of old material. Because of its lifting bolts on the chassis, the AHK 36 can be easily loaded onto a barge and taken to the lighthouse.

During the six hours on site, the US crane dealer Innovativ Hoisting installed almost 30 prefabricated steel assemblies and removed 3000lb (1360kg) of old debris. The AHK 36’s  long reach and hoisting capacity made the maintenance work on the lighthouse extremely safe and efficient. The compact footprint of the trailer crane because of its adjustable outriggers offers a lot of space on the barge. In addition, a boom lift platform can be positioned on the barge for the installation of selected pieces needing exterior access.

The trailer crane AHK 36 easily achieves extension lengths of 118ft (36m) and lifts loads up to 5290lb (2400kg). The performance data is achieved through the design of Böcker’s mast and telescopic system. By combining highly tensile steel and aluminium alloys, the AHK 36 is designed to outperform all comparable cranes.

The support technology of the trailer crane guarantees optimal erection geometry, especially in locations where space is limited, such as on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean. Each individual crane outrigger can be extended as far as required and thus every available cm of space can be used. This fully variable extension of the outriggers with up to 256 different outrigger positions allows flexibility when erecting the crane, which in turn has a positive effect on the outreach. The foldable swivelling outriggers can be optimally positioned in relation to the load and are easily swivelled past or over obstacles. At the same time, floor unevenness of up to 50cm can be levelled out without an additional substructure.

Furthermore, the trailer crane is equipped with the BICS (Böcker Intelligent Computer Based Safety)  control  system  which,  in  combination  with  the  radio  remote  control  with  full-colour  graphic  display, enables easy operation and guarantees high levels of safety during all work processes. The BICS  control  system  includes automatic control during erection  with auto-levelling function of the outriggers and ensures a sensitive, precise and low-vibration operation. Maximum work range and maximum reach are automatically verified depending on the outrigger position and the attached  load.  This  automatically  guarantees  safe  work  at  all  times.  The  selectable  turn  and  lift  angle  restriction  also  helps  you  to  remain  within  the  available  workspace.  Several  software  features  create  operating comfort both in the fore and background, which is in a class of its own. For instance, the BICS control prevents the load from becoming stuck in any position and also ensures extremely smooth start and  precise  control  of  all  the  crane  functions  regardless  of  the  operating  conditions.  The ‘go-home’ function guarantees simple and fast dismantling of the crane after use.

As an option the trailer crane AHK 36 can be equipped with the smart customer platform BöckerConnect. It provides crane owners with online and real time information on their vehicle fleet presenting all relevant data of the networked cranes at a glance. After the personal log-in the user obtains an overview of the current status and the location of his cranes. Moreover, the new online platform enables the user to view the current position of his cranes at any time. As soon as the cranes leave a previously defined activity  range,   he  receives  a  configurable  theft  report  via  e-mail. Also the AKH 36 is available with a powerful, low-noise and low-emission 400 V/ 13 kW e-drive.

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