27/06/2023 - 07:23 am

Åkerströms consolidating resources to strengthening market position

Åkerströms Björbo, a part of the Allgon Group and a specialist in high-end industrial radio control solutions, is strengthening its market position by consolidating resources and expanding collaborations within the shared organisation.

“It’s ultimately about offering our customers and partners a solid foundation for innovation and customer value,” says Anna Stiwne, CEO of Åkerströms.

“We remain dedicated to our values, customer segments, and core competencies while benefiting from Allgon’s resources. Now, we have strengthened opportunities to meet our customers’ expectations and enhance our long-term positions,” concludes Anna.

Through the integration, the company meets a growing global demand while also being able to handle larger and more complex projects. This creates opportunities to develop the operations for Åkerströms’ facility in Björbo. Starting from 1 July, Allgon will integrate expertise in development, product management, quality, and sustainability. The new structure of the Björbo facility will be visible through the Allgon Group logo that will be carried next to the Åkerströms trademark.

The integration work does will not affect Åkerströms as a brand or any existing customer relationships. The company says it will continue to be a reliable partner in close collaboration with the market, upholding the standards and commitments they are known for.



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