23/08/2020 - 13:41 pm

Andreas Aronsson, is new VP sales for Åkerströms

Andreas Aronsson has been appointed as the new vice president of sales for Åkerströms Björbo AB.

Aronsson’s most recent assignment was at ArcelorMittal BE Group SSC AB where he worked as sales and marketing manager.

Anna Stiwne, CEO at Åkerströms, said,  “Andreas is very skilful and has broad experience within sales in the manufacturing heavy industry. As VP sales, he will contribute to strengthening and developing the sales organisation and our business. We are very pleased and convinced that he will be a great asset for both the company and our customers in the future”

Aronsson said, “It is an honour to assume this position. I will take on this mission with great commitment and purposeful focus combined with great humility for the history and the brand. Åkerströms is in a change process where both products and services have a central and business-critical role in our customers’ production and employees’ safety. Together with my co-workers, our business will continue to develop and strengthen, both nationally and internationally. Our joint efforts will be a contributing factor to the company’s continued growth and expansion.”

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