29/10/2021 - 11:12 am

Corberon Pierre sticks with Palazzani’s XTJ 52

French aerial platform rental specialist, Corberon Pierre SARL, rents MEWPs with and without operators. Its fleet ranges from heavy machines with a 35 to 76m working height to light machines with 18 to 23m working height and tracked spiders from 15 to 52m.

Pierre Corberon, chairman of the company, already owns Palazzani’s spiders and, due to the increasing demand for spiders in the French market, he wanted to renew the Palazzani range by replacing his current XTJ 52 (from 2014) with a new one.

The main characteristics of this spider are its sturdiness, its height and the 980kg interchangeable winch. “We considered it useful to renew this spider with a more recent machine and thus take advantage of the latest technologies to satisfy and acquire customer loyalty,” said Corberon.

The collaboration between Palazzani and Corberon has existed fo 10 years and continues to consolidate due to t mutual trust but, primarily the high-quality products. “The business with Palazzani has always worked well, we have seen a technological upgrade over the years but, the most important thing is the collaboration between designers, technicians, the buyer and especially with operator who is the daily user of the machine. Today we have 6 Palazzani Spiders in our rental fleet, and we are proud of it.” said Corberon.

The most requested applications for medium/large sized Palazzani spiders are linked to the development of the GSM network on French territory, but also for work on the high voltage electricity network.

The smaller spiders, on the other hand, are often used for gardens, courtyards, cemeteries, churches, and other building maintenance.

Corberon says that, there is a spider for each job. In addition, the ongoing technological evolution of the Palazzani products, especially in the field of hybrid and clean energy power, is making it possible to optimise the use of spiders in all configurations and types of outdoor and indoor sites.

“We can’t wait to see and work with our new Spider XTJ 52,” concluded Corberon.

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