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Palazzani goes greener and more efficient with Hybrid2  

Palazzani has offered machines with electric and hybrid power options for some years, but now the company has evolved a new hybrid solution which offers greater synergy between the diesel and electric drives. Hybrid2 was unveiled at the GIS exhibition held in Piacenza, Italy 7- 9 October.

Previously, the Palazzani Hybrid generation was equipped with two types of power: a diesel engine and an electric motor, without a strong collaboration between the two.

Hybrid2 has been developed to offer much higher performances and a lower level of emissions due to the synergy between the electric motor and the diesel engine.

With this new system, the operator can manually choose from the following performance modes:

  • ECO mode – This is the main mode, where the electric motor provides power for all manoeuvres, even the most important ones, such as transfer and boom extension, without any help from the engine. This mode grants top performances and long battery autonomy, due to the efficiency of the electric motor and the software management optimisation.

Palazzani says that the performances are excellent and never been achieved before. Fast and able to work all day, without needing to recharge the battery.

  • AUTO mode – In this mode, the machine works mainly as in ECO mode, while the engine automatically turns on when it is needed to recharge the battery, to operate with no emissions and to preserve the battery cells.
  • FULL power mode – for severe working conditions. In this mode, the battery is always charged near the maximum level, with a similar management as the AUTO mode, in order to grant good autonomy when it is switched back to ECO mode.


In AUTO and FULL mode, the electric motor and the diesel engine work together to provide the maximum available power to the tracks, when the machine requests the maximum energy during a fast transfer.

The lithium-Ion battery pack is designed for heavy work and ensures high performance. It is light weight and offers long duration: the charge/discharge thresholds have been defined to guarantee the maximum life of the cells.

The battery recharges by being plugged-in during machine storage or by the electric motor during the operation in AUTO or FULL mode without stopping the machine.

The Hybrid2 concept in designed to offer: performance, low emissions, low costs, silence and ecology.

Also shown at GIS was Palazzani’s  XTJ 37+ with extendable track system. Palazzani spider lifts are available on crawlers and on wheels, but the crawler version is the most common one, because of  its versatility and stability during movement across on all types of ground.

Palazanni is now offering the option of extendable tracks – already available on most of the  Palift range – on the XTJ 37+ model.

The decision has been made based on market feedback, and now the XTJ 37+ spider lift can be used in more challenging worksites in total safety, offering agility and stability, expanding its range of applications and relieving the operator from concerns relating to terrain, narrow spaces and instability.

The extended tracks allow the operator to travel safely with stablilty while still being just 1500mm wide. This configuration also allows for safe loading and unloading onto transport with ramps.

The narrow tracks can be employed to overcome common and difficult passages in indoor jobs (doors, corridors, etc) with a 1200mm width.

Another notable feature of the XTJ 37+ is the ‘back to home’ option which, combined with the anti-collision system on the cage, provides 360deg full protection to the operator.

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