20/05/2021 - 20:03 pm

Harnessing wave energy

A custom-made 50 WLL lifting frame designed by Modulift was key in ensuring that Mocean Energy’s new Blue X wave energy prototype could take its first ever dip into the cold waters of the North Sea.

Mocean Energy, a key player in the wave energy industry, which has been operating since 2015; has been working on turning its concept into a reality for the past three and half years. The 20m long, 38t wave machine (Blue X) is a prototype design that was manufactured with funding from Wave Energy Scotland’s Novel Wave Energy Converter programme.

Blue X has now undergone its first wet testing, load tests and ballast testing at Rosyth, Scotland, helped by Modulift, a technical expert and manufacturer in the heavy lifting industry, based in Poole, Dorset in the UK. The Blue X has been recently transported to Orkney, Scotland, to undergo more testing at the European Marine Energy Centre.

Cameron McNatt, managing director and co-founder of Mocean Energy, said, “Lifting is a critical operation for Blue X – the device is lifted on and off of transport, into and out of the water sometimes over steep quaysides. And it is complex – Blue X is a hinged machine that can be lifted in two configurations. Modulift provided a fit-for-purpose solution and delivered not just the lift beam but also the rigging and helped in the design process. We are extremely grateful for Modulift’s support throughout Blue X launch programme.”

John Baker, sales director at Modulift said, “It was great to work with Mocean Energy on this project and crucial test lifts and we’re happy that we were part of it. Our custom design solutions are being used across all sectors for a wide variety of complex lifts and the one sector we really do enjoy is the wave energy industry. We have existing off the shelf products but we’ve found that a custom designed frame can be the best solution for lifts like these.”

Modulift already has a presence in the wave energy industry but hopes to expand and work with more experts in the field to help ensure more heavy lifting projects go to plan.

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