05/07/2022 - 15:48 pm

Modular spreader beams respond to modular building market

Over the last few months, Modulift, the lifting equipment specialist based in Poole, Dorset, UK, has seen a larger demand for its Modulift spreader beam range in the modular buildings market.

The modular building market has been steadily increasing over the last ten years with a number of companies offering modular solutions both in the UK and internationally to combat financial pressures, time constraints and meet environmental targets around sustainability. As a result, Modulift has seen an increase in the need for their products from the smallest in their range, the MOD 6, right up to the MOD 250 for transporting and installing modular buildings.

One of Modulift’s returning customers, which manages projects and lifts in this sector using the complete modular spreader beam range, most recently completed a project for a new modular hotel. Modular hotel rooms ,weighing 18.5t ,were installed separated by an integral central corridor, MOD 24s and a MOD 50 for a one over two solution were used to complete the installation.

Operations director for the leading modular solution company said, “The MOD 24 and MOD 50 Spreader Beams are perfect for these types of operations due to the flexibility in the weights and spans they are able to lift. They’re not the largest beams within the modular spreader beam range but they get the job done.”

John Baker, commercial director at Modulift said, “We’re seeing a lot of companies enquire with us about our spreader beam range specifically to use in the modular building market. As Modulift keep a large stocked warehouse of our off-the-shelf products, we can deliver to our customers within one working day. Obviously, we appreciate that not everything can be done with the ‘one size fits all solution’ and if customers require custom built lifting frames for their project, Modulift can design, manufacture and deliver all within a four week time frame.”

All products within the Modulift spreader beam range are compliant with DNV standards.

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