29/10/2019 - 15:00 pm

Konecranes wins services agreement with GE Power in France

Konecranes has won an agreement with GE Power to provide services covering 264 cranes and jibs that will help the global energy leader bolster operations and improve efficiency at two locations in northern France.

The deal includes MAINMAN Planned Maintenance, Routine Maintenance, assistance for compliance inspections and Consultation Services. Two Konecranes technicians will be on site at GE’s Belfort and Bourogne locations for two years, and in the upcoming weeks, Konecranes TruConnect Remote Service will be activated for 14 of the cranes to help support GE’s maintenance operations and improve safety and productivity.

Jean-François Veissieres, branch manager of Konecranes North France said, “This agreement allows Konecranes to lift GE Power’s business in France by providing Lifecycle Care in Real Time: onsite support, proactively detecting and fixing potential issues, examining usage and maintenance data, and following all their assets through our customer portal, yourKONECRANES.

“It’s not enough to keep GE’s cranes running sufficiently; we also want to help them maximise productivity and minimise downtime during every shift, while providing a transparent view of all their crane-related events and activities,” Veissieres added.

“What makes the GE project unique,” Veissieres said, “is the high number of cranes and jibs, coupled with the expansion of the lifting capacities of some of the cranes – 125kg to 500t. The agreement is the largest for Konecranes northern France branch, which includes Paris, Rouen, Lens and Strasbourg.

“Because Konecranes equipment is designed to fit a variety of applications in the power industry, Konecranes has the lifting equipment and service to fit customers’ needs, no matter how they generate power,” Veissieres said.

“This agreement is a big win for our northern France branch and a testament to the Konecranes model of always improving business efficiency, safety and performance,” he said.



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