11/10/2021 - 16:35 pm

Lift Turn Move expands GIS chain hoist stock

Lift Turn Move (LTM) has expanded its stock of GIS lightweight D8 chain hoists of 500kg and 1000kg capacity, for mobile use in the entertainment sector.

GIS-owned LTM is the UK supplier of the Swiss-made electric chain hoists, control systems, and additional material handling equipment. As riggers continue to demand the lightest possible chain hoists, Wirral-based LTM is receiving heightened demand for the LPML and higher capacity LPL chain hoists – both capable of lifting over 40 times their own weight.

The LPML weighs a modest 12kg (20kg with 18m lifting height) and delivers a lifting capacity of 0.5t. The LPL meanwhile lifts 1000kg, and when fully equipped for an 18m lifting height weighs in at just 39kg (23kg net weight).

The hoists were originally introduced as a supplement to the GIS D8+ hoists, used for static suspension of loads over people. Hoists to the standard D8 specification may also be used for static suspension of loads, but it is essential to have a secondary suspension, such as a load arrestor, for example. The hoists are manufactured in accordance with EN14492 and DIN56950.

David King, managing director at LTM, said, “Both hoists are highly robust yet still light, thanks to the aluminium housing and covers. The design of the chain hoists in accordance with protection class IP65 (as standard) protects them against dust and water. This makes them ideal for both mobile and outdoor use. They are extremely quiet running due to closed three-stage transmission with helical gearing and grease permanent lubrication.”

Other notable features include case-hardened profile steel chain with minimum five-fold static safety, modular configuration, quick assembly and disassembly thanks to polygonal couplings and low maintenance.

King added, “In comparison to a round steel chain, the case-hardened profile steel chain offers approximately 11% more capacity with the same nominal diameter. This is one of the main reasons behind the optimisation of the net weight. The skeleton load hook with stable, guided hook safety catch and damping system offers maximum safety.”

A second independent DC spring-loaded brake can be mounted on the existing shaft in just a few steps without the need of a housing extension. Further options include low voltage control, limit switch for highest and lowest hook position, load, and path measurement (LPL), trolleys, flight cases and controls.

Due to the compact design, both the LPML and the LPL fit in conventional trusses. Transporting the chain hoists from one event to the next can, therefore, take place while still installed to save space, or in a transport case.

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