22/10/2019 - 13:00 pm
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Next-generation Chain Hoists from SWF Krantechnik

SWF Krantechnik GmbH is launching Athlo hoists, a new generation of chain hoists designed for loads up to 5t. The first model in the series will be available for loads up to 1000kg with further options to follow in the near future. Parallel to the release of Athlo chain, SWF Krantechnik is also introducing new electric trolleys.

The development of the Athlo chain was driven by high security, performance and usability along with easy maintenance and a long service life. The modern design features a newly constructed interior and all-new mechanical components. Athlo chain is designed to be easy to use and delivers top performance in extreme conditions.

The hoist motor has a new 4:1 gear ratio and redesigned cooling fins provide better cooling in order to extend the service life of the hoist. The re-designed limit switch, which can also be used as an operating end switch, can works both in everyday opeation and extreme conditions.

The new chain bag ensures that the chain runs quietly and smoothly, thereby preventing an accumulation of the chain. The compact design and new upper-eye suspension produce an increased lifting height at the same suspension height.

The new brake is designed to handle 1 million cycles or, says SWF Krantechnik, up to a lifetime with the proper handling. It responds instantly when the power is turned off. The slipping clutch has a larger diameter and additional grooves to improve the cooling effect of the gear oil and increase its overall service life.

With the new suspension bracket, a push or motor trolley can be installed using a special safety pin. No further tools are required.

The new electric trolleys are designed for normal headroom and loads up to 1000kg and 3200kg. The next-generation electric trolleys have been developed using a mixture of new and proven construction components to ensure easy assembly and adjustments while lightening the overall weight.

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