25/04/2023 - 11:00 am

Move and manoeuvre coils  

Ox Worldwide’s tilting coil tong allows coils to be grabbed, both in the horizontal and vertical axis position and to flip them while hanging safely without requiring any additional element such as a floor coil turner, which are large and not easy to move).

In addition, the coil can be transported in suspension and deposited in another location without requiring a C Hook or similar.

It can also be used on any load with an empty core such as coils of sheet metal or wire, paper rolls or concrete tubes – as long as the material is strong enough.

The clamp has an expanding claw, which is sized according to the range of measurements of the diameter of the core and its length. This grips the piece by oil-hydraulic pressure and has a redundant anti-slip safety system.

When turning over the load, an auto-levelling system is executed simultaneously to compensate for the displacement of masses during turning so that the clamp is always horizontal and completely turns the coil from 0 to 90deg or vice versa.

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