14/02/2022 - 07:52 am

SpanSet Axzion champions safety with Verton

The safety and efficiency of wind turbines and construction projects are in the spotlight with the announcement of a partnership between Verton and SpanSet Axzion GmbH. SpanSet Axzion will be Australian company, Verton’s distributor in Germany.

SpanSet Axzion GmbH is part of the international SpanSet Group, supplying individual custom-made products and unique solutions for the complex requirements of transporting and assembling wind turbines and other significant components since 1999.  Its commitment to quality and responsibility towards their stakeholders is resolute, whether manufacturing equipment or choosing like-minded companies to partner with.

For this reason, signing Verton is an ideal move.  Verton’s remote-controlled load orientation products are game-changing in terms of safety and productivity.  Its lifting beams and modular SpinPodTM technology use gyroscopes and sophisticated control systems that orientate suspended loads remotely without the need for human-held taglines.  The technology removes personnel near and under loads and keeps them away from the drop zone.

SpanSet Axzion’s managing director, Andreas Höltkemeier, said, “Partnering with Verton will give their customers innovative and smart lifting options.

“We are looking forward to a strong collaboration and many great projects,” he said.

“With Verton’s products, we see the opportunity to offer our customers new and smart solutions.  Both companies have great potential to develop and market new products for lifting and controlling loads.  We already have several good ideas and projects in the pipeline for 2022, and we are keen to get started.”

Chief executive officer of Verton, Tim Ekert, said, “The possibilities for improved efficiency, control, and safety across SpanSet Axzion GmbH’s projects are huge.

“Off-shore and on-shore projects will benefit from Verton’s load orientation technology.  No matter the complexity, the suspended load will arrive at its destination in the correct orientation due to the control system onboard our equipment while controlling the load via our remote control, even in the event of sudden wind gusts.

“The use of  our solutions by SpanSet Axzion GmbH’s customers will ensure their lifting operations are safer and more efficient.”

SpanSet Axzion’s key account manager, Volker Beck, said, “We have identified several industry verticals that will see immediate business improvements from Verton’s products.  Adding Verton to our product range will allow us to offer world-first innovation to our customers, further develop intelligent load handling devices, and establish new target groups.”

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